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Are you looking for trustworthy and reliable tuckpointing and masonry contractors Franklin Park? G & J Masonry has been providing outstanding services for 20 years, from masonry restoration to chimney repair to brick repair. We make sure that every team that we send out is carefully supervised to ensure that the work is done correctly and properly. Whether you are looking to build a small brick wall or restore a 300-year-old building, our crew can get the job done right.

Give our masonry and tuckpointing contractors Franklin Park a call to make sure that you get the brickwork that you deserve. We can make any old bricks look beautiful and brand new, ensuring that your home or commercial spaces are beautiful!

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Because masonry has existed for so long, even new structures made of brick or stone have a timeless quality. G & J Masonry can bring that quality out in your home or commercial building, as well as any historic location. Turn to us for:

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When you choose G & J Masonry as your tuckpointing and masonry contractors Franklin Park, you are selecting a leader in the industry with years of experience in providing outstanding services. Each of our masonry restoration contractors not only has the experience but also has the skills to make masonry work look easy.

We provide masonry services from masonry repairs to delicate restoration to intricate tuckpointing work, count on our contractors to use the appropriate skills for each project to bring out the best in our work – no need to look further for the right masonry and tuckpointing companies in the Franklin Park area. G & J Masonry is the company that you can count on to provide the highest quality of service!

Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing Techniques
Professional Masonry Work and Masonry Restoration Franklin Park

Traditional Dry-Stack Technique
This technique incorporates layering up the walls with stones sans the mortar joints and relying on gravity to hold all the materials together. This technique is cost-efficient due to the reduced steps. Dry-stacking means having a large base for the standing stone wall, which gets thinner as it goes higher.

Traditional Mortared Stone Technique
The goal of doing a traditional mortared stone technique is to set a solid foundation to avoid early damages to the joints. The mixture consists of lime and water. Winter and rainy seasons make it harder to achieve this technique. For best results, hire our masonry contractors Franklin Park.

Modern Veneered Stone Technique
Nowadays it is common to construct non-structural veneer stone against a structural wall. Our tuckpointing contractors Franklin Park mix portland cement with sand, gravel, and water to achieve this. We can ensure a strong hold on the gravel for durable use. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Framed-One Side Stone Technique
This technique is commonly found on structures with stone exterior and framed wall interior. For promising results, our masonry contractors Franklin Park build the interior frame first. As a traditional technique in masonry, they often result in strong and beautiful walls with the durability of stone, concrete, and steel.

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Brick walls have a timeless look to them – there is no doubt about that. They can increase the value of your property, protect your structure, and show a beautiful display of perfectly layered bricks for family and friends to admire. On top of that, brick walls are relatively easy to maintain, so you would not have a problem enjoying this material on your structure for the years ahead.

With all these wonderful benefits that a brick wall presents, it is only natural that you maintain it as best as you can. When it comes to sustaining the integrity, structure, and aesthetic of your brick wall, trust only licensed and professional tuckpointing companies Franklin Park to get the job done. Most of them service masonry work, masonry restoration, masonry repair, and other brickworks for different kinds of properties, including commercial and residential spaces.

To be fair, there are simple ways to tell that your brick wall needs some masonry work done. One of them is looking for any signs of cracking or crumbling. You can do this by scraping a sharp object against the joints. When you see any crumbling, contact your trusted tuckpointing contractors Franklin Park immediately. They can inspect your structure and determine the severity of the damage, as well as a viable solution that you can afford.

At G & J Masonry Contractors, we have a brilliant team of professional masonry contractors Franklin Park ready to work for you anytime. Rest assured that our services are affordable and will bring your brick wall back to its glorious state. Do not miss out on our premium services. Feel free to give us a call today.

Our Fireplace Remodel & Fireplace Repair Franklin Park Services

Fireplace Remodelling

A fireplace remodel Franklin Park service will help your property achieve great heights. Not only will this improve your interiors but also increase the property value in the market. We have seasoned masonry contractors Franklin Park crew which can give your place a full fireplace remodel as you please. We can do various designs depending on your home or commercial property’s needs and achieve the project within a reasonable budget. Get our services today for amazing results.

Fireplace Repair

Over the years, your fireplace will start to wear down, showing signs of damages here and there. Our team specializes in fireplace repair Franklin Park that would surely give your fireplace a fresh new look. We provide extensive services that will make your fireplace looking brand new and functioning at its best to provide the warmth you deserve. Our team also performs masonry repair and masonry restoration Franklin Park. Contact us immediately to have your fireplace looked at.

Testimonials of Our Professional Masonry Work Franklin Park

G & J Masonry helped me fix my brick pavers and front steps. The masonry contractors Franklin Park did such a great job, and I love the outcome of my new front steps. It looks beautiful and more than what I expected!

Crystal Vetter

G & J Masonry did such a great job with the tuckpointing services in Franklin Park. We had many tuckpointing contractors come out, and they had different ideas as well as prices. G&J was able to list everything, and the prices were very reasonable.

Travis Cosner

The masonry contractors Franklin Park came out very fast to handle the problem we've been experiencing. G & J Masonry gave me an honest price and also provided solutions on how to solve the problem, so it doesn't happen in the future.

Gary Lee

Your tuckpointing contractorsFranklin Park did such a beautiful job with our bricks. Our brickworks were falling apart, and G & J Masonry was able to save it. I would definitely use your tuckpointing services again if needed in the future.

Leroy Howard

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Masonry is one of the oldest construction methods in the history of architecture. It’s officially defined as the act of building with brick or stone. Due to proper restoration, some masonry structures have stood for thousands of years. At G & J Masonry, we perform masonry work in the Franklin Park, IL area. Our crew can restore historic buildings and build new brick and stone structures with the utmost care.
Return your crumbling masonry to its original beauty. Call us now to get a free estimate on our masonry work.