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    For more than 20 years, G & J Masonry has been serving clients in the local area with excellent and long lasting masonry work. We have a tuckpointing contractors Lombard team that you can rely on to perform the masonry repair or brick repair you need. Chimney looking damaged? Our masonry contractors can take care of it with our chimney repair service.

    No job is too challenging, given our expertise in the industry. Whether you want to restore the beauty of your 200-year-old building or want to give your commercial property a rustic spin with our brickworks Lombard, our company is at your service. We provide tasteful and exceptional masonry restoration and tuckpointing in Lombard that you would not find in other tuckpointing companies around the local area. Try our services today!

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    We at G & J Masonry make it possible to keep the beauty of your historical building, commercial brickworks, or residential tuckpointing with our services and expertise. Our masonry contractors Lombard are eager to serve you. We can achieve the following results:

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    Need excellent tuckpointing contractors Lombard? You have come to the right company! At G & J Masonry, we provide nothing but the best for all our clients in the local area. No one does it better than us! With years of handling the business, we have seasoned masonry contractors in our Lombard team that can perform any task you need. 

    Our company provides a wide selection of services for your convenience. Whether you need detailed brickworks for your commercial property or chimney repair for an old home, you can trust our contractors to deliver results with excellence within reasonable rates. Masonry restoration has never looked this tasteful with our expertise with anything masonry. We perform valuable masonry repair and brick repair in the Lombard area without a hitch. Contact us!

    Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing Techniques
    Professional Masonry Work and Masonry Restoration Lombard

    Traditional Dry-Stack Technique
    Without using mortar joints, this technique is done by layering the walls with stone with the base made larger for a perfect balance. This becomes thinner as the height increases. Our masonry contractors Lombard offer this technique at an affordable price. To book an appointment, give us a call.

    Traditional Mortared Stone Technique
    To effectively make a solid wall foundation and prevent joint problems, most tuckpointing contractors Lombard know how to apply this technique. They combine a mixture of lime and water for a strong bond. This can be challenging to do in the winter, so be sure to hire professionals nearby.

    Modern Veneered Stone Technique
    Using a mixture of portland cement, sand, gravel, and water, this technique can be achieved seamlessly. You will find that most stonework shows a non-structural veneer stone against a structural wall of the concrete block. For longevity, the larger gravel particles are interlocked like fingers. Call us to schedule today.

    Framed-One Side Stone Technique
    Structures with stone exterior and framed wall interior typically require this technique, which is known to be traditional in the tuckpointing industry. This technique mimics the strength of stone with the reinforcement of steel and concrete. Among tuckpointing companies Lombard, you should hire us. Feel free to call us.

    Testimonials of Our Professional Masonry Work Lombard

    As an interior designer, I value precise work. I needed excellent brickworks in Lombard for a client’s property and this company delivered. It had just the right design, built, and finish. I would hire them again for future projects.

    Antonio Jose

    I’ve hired so many masonry contractors from Lombard in the past, but only G & J Masonry understands my vision. They are a really professional crew, you can rely on them for any masonry work. They even charge reasonably for your convenience.

    Ryan Burson

    I have regular tuckpointing contractors in Lombard from this company. They know what I want and we’ve built a great relationship along the way, so the work is always seamless. I recommend you try their services and see what I mean.

    Thomas Whorton

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    The oldest construction method in the history of architecture is masonry. It is an act of building with brick or stone. With the proper masonry restoration Lombard, some structures have stood for thousands of years. G & J Masonry has professional masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors that will help you with any masonry work that needs to be done with your structures. Our contractors have the knowledge and skills to restore any historic buildings and build new brick and stone structures with the utmost care.

    Restore the original beauty of your brickworks with our masonry services. Give us a call today to ensure that you get the structures you deserve!