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    Looking for a professional and reliable tuckpointing and masonry restoration company in the Downers Grove area? You are in excellent company with us at G & J Masonry. We have been providing exceptional masonry repair, tuckpointing, and general masonry work for the past 20 years. Our longevity has made us experts in our craft, which we apply to serve our clients in the local area the best services we could possibly give.

    We thoroughly supervise our teams to ensure proper, fair, and professional work at all times. Whether you want brickworks for a commercial property or masonry restoration for your residential home in Downers Grove, we are happy to serve you. When it comes to tuckpointing companies Downers Grove, trust us! Give our masonry contractors a call for prompt action.

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    With our masonry work Downers Grove, we can make your commercial or residential property come to life with suitable brickworks. Leave it to G & J Masonry to bring quality to your home, commercial space, or historical location. Our offers:

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    Trust Our Tuckpointing Companies For Your Masonry Work & Masonry Restoration Downers Grove

    Choosing G & J Masonry for your tuckpointing and brickworks needs means putting your property in the hands of professional tuckpointing contractors Downers Grove who strive for high-quality and precise work at all times. With years of experience in the industry, our masonry contractors make it look easy to perform various services in the local area like masonry repair, chimney repair, and brick repair. Our company does not only possess the proper skills required to achieve each work with excellence, but we also take each project to heart and leave clients highly satisfied with our masonry work. 

    Whether your property needs a detailed masonry restoration or a minor tuckpointing work, we are the company to call. We bring out the best in every property. Contact us at G & J Masonry!

    Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing Techniques
    Professional Masonry Work and Masonry Restoration Downers Grove

    Traditional Dry-Stack Technique
    For this technique, our tuckpointing contractors Downers Grove carefully layer walls with stone and minus the mortar joints. In this case, gravity plays a huge role in holding the whole stack together. This is an affordable technique to apply, which our masons can perform smoothly. Call us today.

    Traditional Mortared Stone Technique
    This technique is done to create a better foundation of the wall to prevent the joints from cracking easily. Our masonry contractors Downers Grove combine water and lime for an excellent paste that will bond the materials strongly together. For professional masonry work in Downers Grove, contact us.

    Modern Veneered Stone Technique
    Seeing non-structural veneer stone against a structural wall of the concrete block is a typical scene in masonry nowadays. The mortar consists of sand, gravel, and water mixed with portland cement. The tip here is to ensure a robust hold on the large gravel particles for a long-lasting effect.

    Framed-One Side Stone Technique
    To apply the framed-one side stone technique, the interior frame must be built first, followed by the exterior stone. This is a traditional technique widely practiced in masonry. We can build tasteful and strong walls for you using this technique. We also perform masonry restoration Downers Grove. Call us!

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    I find G & J Masonry to be extremely professional with every tuckpointing work they do in Downers Grove. I’ve hired them previously and I really trust them with my property. They know what I want. You won’t regret hiring them!

    Harold Howard

    It took me a while before I found the right masonry contractors Downers Grove to work on my brickworks. I knew I made the right decision when I saw the final output. It couldn’t have been done better! Thanks!

    Dominic Duty

    One thing that stands out from G & J Masonry tuckpointing contractors Downers Grove is their professionalism. They waste no time and get right to work. They work excellently as a team, but also have their individual strengths. Amazing workmanship!

    Michael Hogan

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    One of the oldest construction methods in the history of architecture is masonry. It is defined as the act of building with brick or stone. Due to proper masonry restoration, some masonry structures have lasted thousands of years. Here at G & J Masonry, our masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors Downers Grove will perform any tuckpointing or masonry work that you may need. We can restore any historic buildings and build new brick and stone structures with the utmost care.

    Make sure that your brickwork is returned to its original beauty. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on our masonry work.