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    At G & J Masonry, we provide trustworthy and reliable tuckpointing and masonry work in the Palatine area for your utmost satisfaction. We have over 20 years of experience handling the business. This gives us the confidence to offer our range of services by our brilliant tuckpointing contractors in our Palatine branch. You can trust each of our masonry contractors Palatine to deliver your desired results with no questions asked.

    We make all properties beautiful and strong with our masonry restoration, masonry repair, and brick repair services for Palatine properties, whether you have an old residential house or a commercial property covered in brickworks. From intricate and major to simple and minor, trust G & J Masonry to provide results that are at par with your expectations. Give our services a try today!

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    Give your brick building or rustic home a classic finish with our brickworks. Our tuckpointing contractors Palatine are highly skilled to provide your desired look at affordable rates. We perform various masonry work in Palatine, as follows:

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    With plenty of tuckpointing companies Palatine to choose from, we can help you make the best decision by relaying our expertise with brickworks and other relevant services. With G & J Masonry, we take care of our clients like family so expect the best services yet for your commercial or residential property. 

    Our services range from brick repair to chimney repair in the Palatine area. We provide appropriate services that cover the brickworks all over your structure. You can rely on us to fix your faulty chimney with our chimney repair Palatine service. With our expertise and years of experience, we make each project look like a breeze. Yet rest assured we work with precision so you can trust our finished work to align with your standard of quality.

    Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing Techniques
    Professional Masonry Work and Masonry Restoration Palatine

    Traditional Dry-Stack Technique
    In this technique, stones are stacked together to form a wall. In this case, it does not make use of mortar joints to bond. With this kind of technique, most of your expenses would only go to labor costs. The base is typically larger, which effectively provides a sturdy hold.

    Traditional Mortared Stone Technique
    In this masonry technique, the power is in the foundation of the wall. Giving it a solid finish prevents the joints from cracking easily. To bond the materials together, the best adhesive used is a mix of lime and water. During winter, make sure to hire masonry contractors Palatine. 

    Modern Veneered Stone Technique
    This modern technique provides a natural finish on the exteriors. It involves a mixture of portland cement mixed with sand, gravel, and water. They are lightweight and low maintenance for convenient masonry restoration Palatine. Most tuckpointing contractors pay extra attention to the larger gravel particles. Call us for inquiries.

    Framed-One Side Stone Technique
    As its name suggests, this technique consists of two major parts – the stone exterior and frame interior. The frame is built first, followed by the stonework. This masonry work in Palatine provides a traditional finish that is famous in masonry. We also address tuckpointing concerns around Palatine. Consult us today!

    Testimonials of Our Professional Masonry Work Palatine

    I’m a fan of beautiful brickworks. So when I finally got my property, I immediately called up the company and scheduled to have their masonry contractors build me a wall. I got great results at reasonable rates. I’m very impressed!

    Isaac Barfield

    I like DIYing home improvements, but when it comes to tuckpointing Palatine, I have to hand it to the experts. I’ve heard of G & J Masonry before but never really tried their services. It was a perfect time and they delivered.

    Ernest Inglis

    When I need masonry work in Palatine, I make sure to invest in a professional crew of tuckpointing contractors. This company offers exactly that. They provide a wide array of services at affordable prices. You should consider getting their services.

    William Kramer

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    If you are looking for the right tuckpointing contractors and masonry contractors in Palatine, G & J Masonry is the one that you can rely on and trust when it comes to your masonry work. With the proper masonry restoration, structures have stood for thousands of years. Our contractors have the skills and tools that will provide you with the best result possible for your home and commercial spaces.

    Give us a call today so that your brickworks will be returned to its original shape. We are here for you!