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Great looking brickworks Highland Park can be difficult to maintain, but not when you have G & J Masonry at your service. We make residential and commercial properties beautiful and lasting one tuckpointing service at a time. Our company has been in the industry for over 20 years, giving us the skills, expertise, and exposure to different masonry work and techniques in Highland Park.

Our team of masonry contractors is equipped with the proper tools and skills to achieve the masonry repair, chimney repair, or brick repair you need for your property. Trust our tuckpointing contractors Highland Park to work with attention to detail to provide you the best value for the money with our services. When choosing among tuckpointing companies in Highland Park, consider G & J Masonry. Consult us today!

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Masonry work Highland Park is best left to the professionals. At G & J Masonry, we can restore your brickworks to their original state with our expert masonry restoration and brick repair services. Enjoy these results and more when you hire us:

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Imagine standing in front of your home and admiring your brickworks. That is the picture we aim for at G & J Masonry to let us know we are doing a great job. Excellent tuckpointing in the Highland Park area is nothing without the approval of our clients, so we strive to leave them satisfied with our work each time. 

Each of our tuckpointing contractors Highland Park is screened thoroughly to make sure they have the expertise level we maintain at our company. This way, you can always have the assurance that your property will be in great hands. With various services to offer ranging from brick repair to masonry restoration to chimney repair Highland Park, all that is left is for you to call us!

Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing Techniques
Professional Masonry Work and Masonry Restoration Highland Park

Traditional Dry-Stack Technique
Using stone, the walls are carefully built by layers without the use of mortar joints. In this case, gravity plays a significant role in holding the wall intact. This is a cost-efficient technique that can be performed by professional masonry contractors around Highland Park. Feel free to consult us today.

Traditional Mortared Stone Technique
This technique aims to set a stronger wall foundation to prevent the joints from cracking easily. This is done by creating a paste made of water and lime for a strong bond. Our tuckpointing contractors Highland Park can do this work no matter the season. Call us today.

Modern Veneered Stone Technique
This technique creates a beautiful and raw finish on any structure with exterior stonework. Its concrete mortar is made with a mixture of sand, gravel, water, and portland cement. This can be applied to finish masonry restoration or masonry repair Highland Park. To book an appointment, call us.

Framed-One Side Stone Technique
This technique is mostly done on structures with internal wall framing with stonework on the exterior. Once the interior frame is finished, the masons can proceed with the stone technique. This is a traditional approach in masonry that is still practiced today. It provides a strong, durable, and lasting build.

Does Your Brick Need Tuckpointing?
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We can all agree that brick wall exteriors look unique and cozy. It can downplay any contemporary structure or add a rustic touch to a modern home. On a good note, brick walls are also pretty easy to maintain. Tuckpointing in Highland Park is only necessary after 25 or 30 years, granted that the entire brick wall has been properly maintained throughout the years. However, this can also depend on where your property is located. Strong weather conditions might impact your brick wall stronger than usual and damage portions of it. In this instance, you need to call your chosen masonry contractors near you around Highland Park.

So when exactly do you need tuckpointing for your property? There are different signs of damage present on masonry, such as cracking, staining, moisture penetration, displacement, spalling, and so on. Before your property suffers from extreme deterioration, consult with licensed and established tuckpointing companies in your area, and schedule for a professional inspection.

There is also a simple method of inspecting your brick wall without calling the experts yet. Make sure your brick surface is clean. Once this is done, take a small sharp object and scrape it across your mortar joints to inspect for debris fall-off. Fine white powder from the joints usually indicates a weakening structure. Contact your tuckpointing contractors Highland Park and request for a professional inspection immediately.

At G & J Masonry Contractors, we offer masonry restoration, masonry repair, and tuckpointing for different types of structures with brick wall exterior or interior design. We perform the work swiftly and precisely to make the best brick wall possible the highlight of your place. Feel free to give us a call!

What You Should Know About Tuckpointing Highland Park? Here Are Some Tips From The Most Trusted Company Among All Tuckpointing Companies Highland Park

What is tuckpointing?
Tuckpointing is a technique used in masonry for mortar joints of brickworks. Masonry contractors use two contrasting colors of mortar, and one color matches the brickwork to create an illusion of a good joint. This technique is used to reinforce structures that are less sturdy and to create an attractive appeal.

How often Should Tuckpointing be conducted?
When it comes to tuckpointing Highland Park, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Usually, tuckpointing is done every 25 to 30 years, but it all depends on the level of damage your mortar faces and the elements it is exposed to regularly. Call us if you need a tuckpointing.

How can I tell if my mortar needs tuckpointing?
The need for tuckpointing can be identified with your bared eyes and by performing simple tests such as scraping the bricks to identify cracking or decomposing mortar. You also have to consider how old your building is. To ensure that your project is in good hands, call our masonry contractors Highland Park.

What Exactly Is Masonry Restoration Highland Park?
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Great, old buildings come with a great reputation – and outstanding masonry restoration needed when the time comes! A masonry repair requires far less work, costs, and time than a whole restoration. While repairing focuses on particular parts of your masonry work and is more forgiving with the new materials slapped on the structure, preservation of integrity is the main objective of masonry restoration. 

The ability of masonry contractors Highland Park to track down the very material used for any period-specific structure is simply impressive. With these particular elements added to the structure, your building may even last for generations, allowing you to preserve its historical value and let memorable events accumulate for more locals (and tourists) to enjoy. 

Fortunately for our clients, we can do just that at G&J Masonry Contractors. When the time has come that masonry repair or fireplace repair does not suffice anymore, we are more than glad to offer our services and add to the longevity of your building. Our contractors have flexible expertise ranging from tuckpointing to masonry to fireplace remodel Highland Park. Contact us if you need our professional services over at G&J Masonry Contractors. We would be happy to oblige.

Our Fireplace Remodel & Fireplace Repair Highland Park Services

Fireplace Remodelling

When you need a fireplace remodel Highland Park service, we are the right company to call. We have hardworking and dedicated masonry contractors who can design and remodel your fireplace using the best tools and equipment available. Whether you are selling your property soon or simply investing in remodeling work, we are here to provide our expertise at your convenience. We can turn your interiors around with a simple fireplace remodel in Highland Park. Call us to consult a contractor.

Fireplace Repair

Fireplace repair Highland Park done on time can save the structure from further damages and make it last longer for your stress-free use. When the damage is too great for a quick solution, our contractors are ready to use their skills to provide the fireplace repair Highland Park you need. By the time we have finished working on your fireplace, it will have a great design and an improved relaxing vibe.
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Testimonials of Our Professional Masonry Work Highland Park

The brickworks on my new property was looking rather dreadful, which prompted me to look for the best among tuckpointing companies Highland Park. Being a new homeowner, I had my reservations, but everything worked out well G & J Masonry.

Ernest McCoin

It’s always nerve wracking to have a masonry restoration done. So I’m glad that these masonry contractors from Highland Park gave me the assurance I needed. They walked me through the process thoroughly and delivered the work without a hitch.

Frank Sterling

The contractors I recently hired didn’t finish the work, so I had to find another company to complete the masonry repair for my house. I’m glad I chanced upon professional tuckpointing contractors who knew how to get the job done!

Dominic Young

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When it comes to your masonry work, G & J Masonry is the one that you can count on and trust. Masonry is known to be the oldest construction method in the history of architecture. It is defined as the act of building with brick or stone. With the proper masonry restoration process, many structures have stood for thousands of years. Our masonry contractors Highland Park can restore any historic building and build new brick and stone structures with the highest quality of work.

We are here to help you bring back the original beauty of your brickworks. Give us a call today to get your free estimate on your masonry work.