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For the past 20 years, G & J Masonry has been providing exceptional tuckpointing and masonry work Buffalo Grove. From chimney repair to brickworks, we got it covered for you. Each of our masonry contractors is carefully selected to ensure they can handle all projects with the level of precision and professionalism we uphold in the company.

No matter what kind of property of you have – an antique home or a historical establishment – our tuckpointing contractors are well-equipped with a variety of techniques that can improve the stature of your property, whether with a masonry repair or brick repair. Being in the industry for years has enabled us to provide unbeatable masonry restoration services in the Buffalo Grove area. To try our services, give us a call!

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Rely on us to add a timeless touch to your residential or commercial property with our expert masonry and brick repair services. We specialize in making every structure look rejuvenated and brand new with precise brickwork. If you’re searching for brick repair near me Buffalo Grove know that we offer these services and more:

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When in search of tuckpointing companies near me Buffalo Grove, make sure to consider G & J Masonry for your professional masonry work and tuckpointing needs. Look no further! The right company is here for you. We offer a wide selection of services including brick repair, masonry restoration, and chimney repair. We have a dedicated crew of masonry contractors Buffalo Grove that are eager to work for you at any time. 

Over the years, we have successfully completed several brickworks and masonry repair projects as seamlessly as possible. We strive for excellence and pursue customer satisfaction at all times. With this mission, we have made our company one of the most trusted ones in the local area. Whether you have a major or minor masonry project for us, expect us to be at your service.

Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing Techniques
Professional Masonry Work and Masonry Restoration Buffalo Grove

Traditional Dry-Stack Technique
This wall layering technique uniquely uses stones without mortar joints, relying instead on gravity to maintain structural integrity. It’s a cost-efficient approach to masonry work that masonry contractors can execute flawlessly. If you’re looking for masonry contractors near me Buffalo Grove for any masonry needs, don’t hesitate to consult with us.

Traditional Mortared Stone Technique
When it comes to this technique, the wall’s longevity lies on the foundation. This also prevents the easy cracking of joints. A mixture of lime and water does the trick to bond the materials firmly. This may be challenging to do in the winter. Consult with your professional tuckpointing contractors.

Modern Veneered Stone Technique
Modern properties often feature a technique that blends portland cement with sand, gravel, and water. For effective masonry restoration, it’s crucial to interlock larger gravel particles like small fingers, ensuring the appropriate sturdiness. This method can be applied to both simple and intricate brickworks. If you’re looking for masonry restoration near me Buffalo Grove this technique could be the ideal solution for your needs.

Framed-One Side Stone Technique
This kind of technique is often found in properties with framed interior and stone exterior. The work begins by building the frame first, followed by stonework. As a result, beautiful and strong walls can be achieved. For tuckpointing companies Buffalo Grove, choose our services. Get in touch with us.

Does Your Brick Need Tuckpointing?
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Brick walls may just be the stylish touch you are looking for to achieve your desired look for your residential or commercial property. This can also increase your property value and create additional protection for your home or commercial establishment against various outdoor elements and weather conditions. To achieve this, you need to have professional tuckpointing in Buffalo Grove done within its 25 or 30-year mark.

At G & J Masonry Contractors, we provide masonry and tuckpointing services for different properties in the area. You can trust our seasoned tuckpointing contractors to achieve professional and flawless masonry restoration, masonry repair, or tuckpointing you need. At the sight of any damage, feel free to get in touch with us and contractors will be with you as soon as possible.

Common masonry damages include moisture penetration, staining, cracking or crumbling, displacement, and holes, among others. Before calling in the experts, you can apply this simple method to inspect your brick wall yourself. After washing the entire wall thoroughly, scrape a small, sharp object on the mortar joints and observe if this will produce fine powder debris. If so, your bricks might have suffered from invisible damages on the inside and need urgent brick repair Buffalo Grove.

Choosing G & J Masonry Contractors among other tuckpointing companies in the area will give you exceptional results you can enjoy for a long time. We keep our service rates reasonable for your affordability. If you have other masonry work or brickworks concerns in Buffalo Grove, give us a call. Our masonry contractors are here to help.

What You Should Know About Tuckpointing Buffalo Grove? Here Are Some Tips From The Most Trusted Company Among All Tuckpointing Companies Buffalo Grove

What is tuckpointing?
Tuckpointing is a technique of finishing masonry joints using a fine ridge of mortar. It involved filling the gaps between the brick and mortar by coordinating the mortar’s color to match the brick. G & J Masonry Contractors Buffalo Grove has skilled tuckpointing contractors that perform this technique. 

How Often Should I Get Tuckpointing services? 
25 to 30 years is the ideal time to get tuckpointing, but it will still depend on your mortar’s condition. Our masonry contractors Buffalo Grove have the amount of patience and precision you need in tuckpointing services. When you need our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

How do I know if my house needs tuckpointing?
You can perform a simple test to know if your structure needs a tuckpointing. Go around and inspect your mortar by performing a scratch test. If you notice debris like a white powder coming off, it could mean that you need a tuckpointing. Simply search masonry contractors near me Buffalo Grove and we can help!

What Exactly Is Masonry Restoration Buffalo Grove?
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A building’s structural integrity may be on the line and masonry repair Buffalo Grove just won’t cut it if the damage it has incurred is extreme. Masonry restoration ensures that the whole structure is rebuilt with the intention of fortifying its parts so it will maintain its strength and durability. Though tuckpointing contractors Buffalo Grove perform repairs to a building’s masonry work, it may be more prudent to have masonry restoration Buffalo Grove since repairs only handle specific parts of a structure. 

As your building gets exposed to outside elements, masonry work will start to give way and incur damage. Over time, damages to brick, mortar and cement may lead to more dangers like unexpected collapse. Masonry restoration Buffalo Grove team sees to it that your structure maintains its integrity and will not just succumb to the conditions that weaken it over time. 

Masonry restoration not only enhances the appearance and overall quality of your building but can also increase its property value. This process involves carefully dismantling the structure, rebuilding it from scratch, and ensuring it is properly cleaned and sealed. As a result, your property becomes more desirable and requires less effort and money to maintain. If you’re seeking masonry restoration near me Buffalo Grove our experts know all the ins and outs.

Our Fireplace Remodel & Fireplace Repair Buffalo Grove Services

Fireplace Remodelling

With a fireplace remodel Buffalo Grove service, we can completely change the way your fireplace looks. This can create a lasting impact on your existing space and give it the right ambiance it needs. Whether you have fireplaces installed in your resort or in your house, you can trust our contractors to understand your vision and deliver the work required with the utmost professionalism and precision. We offer our services at reasonable rates anyone in the suburbs can afford.

Fireplace Repair

We aim to make your home the best it can be. We achieve this with our excellent range of services, including our fireplace repair Buffalo Grove. Many local residents seek our aid with general masonry work Buffalo Grove and this makes us a highly trusted company around. By repairing your fireplace, we can restore its beauty, functionality, and order. We will not only give it a good look but also a permanently fixed system from within.
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For my restaurant, I had this vision of rustic architecture, which involves lots of brickworks. I only trust the best when it comes to masonry work in Buffalo Grove. For works like this, I go to G & J Masonry.

Stephen Voorhees

I needed urgent chimney repair for my property in Buffalo Grove. I called up this company’s masonry contractors and they were quick to arrive at my place. They worked efficiently, which sped up the project completion. They displayed outstanding professionalism!

Troy Goodman

Finding the right masonry repair near me Buffalo Grove can be challenging, especially when aiming for a natural look that requires meticulous craftsmanship. Fortunately, the tuckpointing contractors I chose for my project understood exactly what I wanted. They skillfully managed the transition from old to fresh masonry, making it seamless and impressive!

Edwin Winstead

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One of the oldest construction methods in the history of architecture is masonry. It is officially defined as the act of building with brick or stone. With the proper masonry restoration, many structures have stood for thousands of years. G & J Masonry have the tuckpointing contractors and masonry contractors in the Buffalo Grove area that you can count on and trust to get the job done right the first time. We can restore any historic buildings and build new brick and stone structures with the utmost care.

Return your crumbling brickworks to its original shape. Give us a call today so that you’ll get a free estimate on your masonry work.