According to G & J Masonry, when new house owners design their new brick home, mortar color is a frequently ignored and underappreciated component of the jigsaw. While mortar is a crucial structural component in brickworks Franklin Park construction, it also has a significant cosmetic impact.

Your selection of mortar will provide your exterior complexity and difference in the form of color, texture, or both. And doing so will affect how your home looks in general.

The attractiveness of mortar
Masonry work has a pleasing appearance and can contrast with face brick. As a result, it is a fundamental design component for creating a stunning brick exterior for your new brick home.

Although mortar colors may appear to be identical up close, it’s crucial to be aware of the wide range of color choices you have for your mortar. Mortar seams can be tuck pointed, flushed, ironed, rolled, or scraped, among other styles.

Advice on selecting your mortar
According to tuckpointing companies Franklin Park that can help examine some of the most typical mortar colors in more detail to make the picking process more effortless. In the process, we’ll show you how to make the most of your brick facade using each mortar color.

Natural (Grey)
Because of its minimalism, “natural,” the most popular mortar color, complements the majority of brick colors effectively. Whenever you want your new brick house to mix in with its native habitat, natural mortar is another excellent alternative.

Because of its exceptional capacity to highlight the real color of the brick, off-white mortar is a fast-expanding trend in residential construction and masonry restoration. Off-white mortar creates a sharp difference with darker brick and gives the brickwork more complexity.

Black or Charcoal
Dark gray, charcoal and even black are becoming common mortar color selections for purchasers seeking to give the exterior of their new brick home a distinctive touch. When utilized in conjunction with dark or black brick, these darker mortar colors, especially in commercial buildings, can evoke a sense of contemporary elegance.

Brown and cream
These mortar colors are ideal for color matching mortar and brick to produce a smooth color throughout the exterior when building with cream- or brown-colored brick. They do provide textural contrast, though, which helps the exterior retain a uniform color without looking drab or monotonous, even though they are not normally utilized to generate color contrast.