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How to Keep Your Chimney in Good Condition According To Masonry Contractors

While most chimneys are long-lasting, many won’t outlive the lifetime of the house. Unfortunately, this means that many homeowners will have to pay a lot of money to replace or do fireplace repair Franklin Park. So, how can you make your chimney last longer? We’re delighted you inquired! While frequent G & J Masonry inspections are beneficial, there are several additional things you can do to extend the life of your chimney.
Cleaning And Maintenance Should Be Done On A Regular Basis.
One of the most important things you can do for your chimney and chimney flashing Franklin Park is to get it cleaned and examined on a regular basis. We suggest having a masonry repair Franklin Park professional come out at least once a year to examine and sweep it thoroughly. This procedure aids with the removal of creosote and debris that may have accumulated over time. If you detect any weird odors coming from inside, you should have your chimney cleaned.
Waterproofing your chimney is another technique to keep it safe. This will keep rain and humidity out, both of which may cause harm over time. Because our location receives a lot of rain throughout the year, it’s critical to take this precaution to guarantee your chimney lasts as long as possible. Furthermore, waterproofing your chimney prevents early deterioration of the masonry and mortar surrounding the chimney.
Fit a Chimney Cap
One of the most effective ways to protect your chimney is to install a chimney cover. This helps to keep animals, dirt, and water out. A stainless steel cover is also recommended to help prevent corrosion. You may extend the life of your stack by preventing objects from going inside it.
Today Is The Day To Schedule An Inspection.
If you want to prolong the life of your chimney, the first step is to schedule an inspection with G & J Masonry. We can quickly detect any possible problems that need to be addressed. We can also replace caps, and covers, do chimney repair Franklin Park, and sweep all in the same visit.
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How to Maintain Your Brick After Tuckpointing?

Old brick, in particular, may be the most long-lasting material for construction. However even brick has a finite lifespan. A well-done tuckpointing Franklin Park project may often add years to the useful life of any brick building in your house. However, when the tuckpointing is finished, there is some maintenance that must be done in order to keep the building in good condition. Find out how to preserve your brick in excellent condition for years to come by reading this article.

Prevent Mold Growth by Keeping Bricks Clean

Bricks are more likely to develop mold if they are located on shady sides of buildings or if they are obscured by trees and bushes. Inviting moisture into masonry is a bad idea, thus mold, mildew, and moss are all bad. Both bricks and mortar degrade over time when exposed to moisture. It’s possible to utilize everyday items to stop mold from growing.

Avoid Aggressive Cleaning

Porosity is a common characteristic of both bricks and mortar. If you utilize the improper way of cleaning, it is highly probable that you’ll cause more damage than you will good. When you’re cleaning brick, remember to utilize soft brushes, generally manufactured from plastics. Brushes with a wire point are considerably too abrasive to use on a brick. Additionally, if you plan on using any form of cleaner, make sure to learn about the materials they’re designed for, first. After having your house tuckpointed, the last thing you want is for a cleaner to destroy the work that was just done.

Prevent Water Damage and Wear

Long-term soaking or mineral deposits in the water are the two main causes of brick degradation when exposed to water. As a result, it’s crucial to take measures to avoid both of these issues. If flooding happens near your house, then attempting to reduce the water is the first step to decreasing your brick’s water damage.

The second phase takes place once the water has been channeled and no longer pools. Bricks absorb salts and minerals when repeatedly submerged in water. As they pose a threat to the brick’s integrity, they must be eliminated. Removing these salts using diluted trisodium phosphate and a gentle brush can keep the bricks from deteriorating quickly according to masonry contractors Franklin Park.

Key Points

Keeping your brick and mortar clean after tuckpointing Franklin Park service is a vital step in improving the life of your masonry surfaces. Bricks may be kept in good condition and protected from further deterioration with regular care and cleaning. Don’t hesitate to contact our tuckpointing contractors Franklin Park if you see that your brick is beginning to appear worn or if it needs masonry repair Franklin Park. If you have any tuckpointing requirements, We’d be pleased to assist you.

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Before Hiring Masonry Contractors You Have To Ask Them These Things

Many masonry projects benefit from the expertise of a professional, but not all contractors are created equal. If you need a mason for a project in your home, be careful to get the best one for the task. What follows is a list of questions you should ask masonry contractors Franklin Park before hiring them.

Verifiable Background and Extensive Experience

When it comes to masonry, how long has this company been around, and what does their previous work look like? Various masonry contractors Franklin Park are better equipped to work with certain materials or styles of property, just as there are different kinds of brickwork. Ideally, you’d choose a mason who has experience with a wide range of projects and materials, but if there’s a specific part of your project that they haven’t dealt with before, you may want to keep looking. Also, find out whether the contractor has any credentials, such as membership in an organization, acknowledgement from industry experts, or positive evaluations on the internet.

Administration of Tasks and Timelines in Construction Projects

You should avoid working with a contractor that lacks organization. Inquire as to their plans for overseeing the job from beginning to finish, including hiring subcontractors, setting deadlines, and handling payment. Additionally, you should think about whether or not they will assist in clean up both before and after the job, and whether or not they have made any preemptive measures to deal with any problems. It’s important to bring up this point early on since the necessary preparations may differ from industrial to residential properties.


It’s important to verify that any contractor you hire has enough insurance coverage in case of accidents or injuries on the job. It’s also a good idea to double-check these details on your own; you wouldn’t want to be responsible for the costs if something went wrong.

It’s important that you, along with everyone else participating in the project, have a clear picture of how things will go. G & J Masonry is the company to contact in the Chicago region for high-quality masonry repairs and masonry restoration in Franklin Park if you want to deal with tuckpointing Franklin Park professionals that have the necessary expertise and certifications. We handle the whole process to make sure you’re happy with our services, and we pay close attention to detail and stick to the set budget. Get in touch with us immediately for more.

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When You Need Help From Tuckpointing Contractors Franklin Park?

Damage and aging may weaken masonry to the point where repairs are needed to keep it from collapsing or causing structural issues. Additionally, water damage may be caused by broken or damaged masonry joints. If you need extra mortar filled in before damage develops, tuckpointing companies Franklin Park may assist. It’s a vital aspect of keeping brick buildings in good shape and may save owners money by eliminating costly repairs down the road. Find out more about the warning signals of deteriorating mortar joints and the times you’ll need professional masonry restoration Franklin Park.

Identifying the Issue

Damage or aging may be seen in the form of cracks, holes, and disintegrating fragments or dust. If this deterioration is allowed to progress, water might flow into the mortar joints. The effects of water on a building may be devastating.

Dust is a less obvious but nonetheless significant symptom of decay. Dust and minor crumbling may accumulate for a long period without being detected. Dragging a key over the old mortar joint is a simple technique to see whether it is still solid. Getting tuckpointing Franklin Park services may be necessary if scratching the surface causes powdery dust to escape from the joint.

Tuckpointing Maintenance and Restoration

In tuckpointing, mortar is used to restore structural weaknesses caused by environmental wear and tear. An expert masonry contractor Franklin Park may tuck in new mortar after carefully removing the broken mortar without disturbing the brick.

All stages of the procedure need steady, knowledgeable fingers. By repairing the current damage and preventing any more from happening, an expert may help contain the problem. A number of years, if not decades, will be added to the life of the brick building thanks to this treatment.

Make careful to employ this service the instant any indicators of damage or degradation arise. Rapid damage might occur if water penetrates the mortar. Tuckpointing is far more affordable than structural repairs.

If you’re wondering whether or not you need tuckpointing treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the neighborhood tuckpointing contractors Franklin Park at G&J Masonry for a free quote. We’ve been assisting Franklin Park customers with building maintenance and restoration for twenty years now.

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When Is The Time To Take Care Of The Masonry According To Masonry Contractors

According to masonry contractors Franklin Park from G & J Masonry, brick exteriors are aesthetically adaptable since they may give structures a traditional or modern look. The material has a beneficial effect on resale value and is durable and energy-efficient. Brick buildings need considerable maintenance and care even if they survive for a very long time to preserve structural integrity. Use the following advice to maintain your household or business properties.

Brick cleanup
Washing the building’s exterior should be the first step in your brick care regimen. To clear any debris that has been stuck, use a garden hose with a powerful spray nozzle. In areas with little direct sunlight, look for moss or mildew. Moist, shaded places promote the growth of plants and may be a source of surplus moisture. One cup of bleach and one gallon of water should be used for removal, and a bristled brush should be used. Avoid using a wire brush since it could leave behind metal debris that promotes corrosion and discoloration.

Look for signs of water damage in bricks
Splashback and increasing wetness are often the two main sources of water damage to bricks. Splashback happens when rain repeatedly strikes brickwork, causing water to seep into fissures and fractures and collect there. When groundwater rises and crosses what is referred to as a tidal line, rising dampness develops. The salt in the moisture might stay in the brick and cause damage even if the groundwater level would fluctuate over time. Every year, it’s advised to check for indicators of water damage and, if necessary, seek masonry repair Franklin Park services.

Brick tuckpointing
Filling up mortar joints that have weakened, cracked, or sustained other types of damage is known as tuckpointing Franklin Park. First, the damaged mortar is removed, and then the extra new mortar is placed in layers. The damaged surface has to be covered with new mortar, which needs to be twice as wide as the old mortar since it cannot support itself.