According to expert tuckpointing companies Franklin Park, holding a fireplace and a chimney not just boosts the price of your house, but also fives a gorgeous and comfortable setting that your loved ones can appreciate. But as with anything, with the passage of time, your fireplaces will require some fixings. Complicated weather conditions (like strong rains) can cause problems to the mortar joints and will require to be fixed continuously. Allow us to delve and see what type of chimney repair Franklin Park you may require. It can be tuckpointing. 

Fireplace tuckpointing in Franklin Park
When you believe that the mortar is run down and might require to be fixed, there is an easy check you can perform prior to contacting tuckpointing contractors Franklin Park for a chimney restoration. Pick a key and start rubbing it through the mortar joint and check if it gets scratched some powdered material, if that happens, then this means you might need tuckpointing. If the masonry continues to be in good standing, they a key shouldn’t scratch it at all. Yes, this is easy. Alternatively, you can reach us and we can assess this for you.

Tuckpointing services
When the mortar is in weak status, it leads to moisture breaking down through the brick masonry wall or stone, and might lead to moisture issues after this. When tuckpointing is well done, it offers a somewhat waterproof mortar joint that increases the lifespan of a wall. 

Tuckpointing is great to save money if you perform it before it’s too late. If you don’t perform tuckpoint when the brick wall or stone is requiring it, then the masonry wall will crumble to the status where the only solution is to take it down and re-lay it. It’s too late for tuckpointing tuckpointing Franklin Park when masonry parts (stone or brick) get loose. This means that it will be costly to perform a fix in both materials and labor compared to tuckpoint the mortar joints from the very beginning.