Sitting by a warm fireplace in the winter is a peaceful feeling that everyone enjoys but if your fireplace is old and starting to deteriorate you may lose this experience because you think it would cost too much to replace it. In this scenario tuckpointing Franklin Park contractors can be your best alternative with their repair service instead of a full replacement. 

What Is Tuckpointing? 

Tuckpointing contractors Franklin Park define tuckpointing as fixing a deteriorating mortar by getting rid of the old. broken mortar and inputting fresh, new mortar. Grooves slice the old mortar before they are filled with a complimentary replacement mortar using a grinder. This can be done in little spots or much larger areas of fireplaces and chimneys. The completed product that masonry contractors Franklin Park deliver is a fresh look and strong structure. 

How Tuckpointing Can Save Your Chimney 

Mortar doesn’t last for a hundred years as bricks do. As time goes by harsh weather conditions break down the mortar and cause it to crumble and this can cause your chimney to tilt over or even collapse. When there are cracks in the structure you may start to find leaks that can lead to mold growth and rotting wood. If you consult a fireplace repair Franklin Park expert before it becomes a significant issue, a tuckpointing service can stop this from happening and restore your structure. Once the chimney repair Franklin Park project is completed you will again be able to make your fireplace useful and enjoyable again which also increases the price of your home. 

Tuckpointing is a more cost-effective method over a full chimney rebuild and this also gives you the advantage of lowering your energy costs as well as it captures your desired air temperature in a more efficient manner. 

What To Look For

Most people don’t recognize that their chimney is an issue because it is high up on the roof. One way to find out if there is a problem is to look for stains in your paint or wallpaper close to the chimney. If your structure is deteriorating you will find these signs where your mortar is crumbling. You will also notice bad smells after rain occurs and your bricks will start to change colors. If you find any of these things you most likely have a chimney leak. If you ignore these signs you will create a problem that bigger than just your chimney. 

We Can Help

G & J Masonry Contractors are professionals at chimney repair. We specialize in finding the problem areas in your structure and patching them up quickly and efficiently. Our services include masonry repair, tuckpointing and fireplace or chimney restoration Franklin Park. We are one of the premier tuckpointing companies Franklin Park are for completing caulking, chimney flashing Franklin Park, waterproofing, brickwork, and repairs to chimney caps.