The safety and responsibility of your fireplace depend greatly on chimney inspections. An examination by G & J Masonry may disclose the general health of your stack in addition to spotting any indications of a chimney fire. While some homeowners simply need a new cap, others also need a new flue or liner. There are certain crucial indicators that suggest otherwise even if you may believe your chimney is operating well. What you need to watch out for is listed below.

1. Nesting signs

According to chimney repair Franklin Park experts, you could have an animal making itself at home in your chimney if you see feathers, twigs, and other nesting items around your roof and chimney. You could also hear chirping or the sound of wings fluttering within your house. Because chimneys provide a warm, secure environment for the eggs, birds are infamous for building their nests there. They may, however, also obstruct airflow, smoke, and ash while supplying more combustible elements to your fireplace.

2. Smoke or an odor of burning

Fireplace repair Franklin Park experts say that your chimney is unhealthy if you smell smoke or burning even while your fireplace isn’t in use. This kind of odor often results from creosote, which is simple to find during a chimney check. Burning inadequate wood, whether it is chemically treated or too damp, often results in creosote formation. It is especially important to pay attention to the sort of wood you burn since what begins as little flakes may soon accumulate.

3. Your Fire Doesn’t Ignite

You’ll mostly be able to tell whether your chimney is obstructed or not working as intended by the way a fire burns. When they realize that their flames aren’t getting hot enough to burn complete logs, homeowners often contact us for chimney cleaning. A fire needs oxygen and airflow via your chimney to burn hot, so if that’s not happening, your chimney is probably obstructed. Put out the fire and request an inspection or sweep right away.

Count on Our Licensed Experts

Chimney inspections should be performed by a qualified team of chimney restoration Franklin Park experts with the appropriate tools. Make sure the inspector or sweep you hire has all the required licenses before hiring them. Homeowners in Franklin Park may contact G & J Masonry with confidence since we possess all the greatest accreditations and permits.