Old brick, in particular, may be the most long-lasting material for construction. However even brick has a finite lifespan. A well-done tuckpointing Franklin Park project may often add years to the useful life of any brick building in your house. However, when the tuckpointing is finished, there is some maintenance that must be done in order to keep the building in good condition. Find out how to preserve your brick in excellent condition for years to come by reading this article.

Prevent Mold Growth by Keeping Bricks Clean

Bricks are more likely to develop mold if they are located on shady sides of buildings or if they are obscured by trees and bushes. Inviting moisture into masonry is a bad idea, thus mold, mildew, and moss are all bad. Both bricks and mortar degrade over time when exposed to moisture. It’s possible to utilize everyday items to stop mold from growing.

Avoid Aggressive Cleaning

Porosity is a common characteristic of both bricks and mortar. If you utilize the improper way of cleaning, it is highly probable that you’ll cause more damage than you will good. When you’re cleaning brick, remember to utilize soft brushes, generally manufactured from plastics. Brushes with a wire point are considerably too abrasive to use on a brick. Additionally, if you plan on using any form of cleaner, make sure to learn about the materials they’re designed for, first. After having your house tuckpointed, the last thing you want is for a cleaner to destroy the work that was just done.

Prevent Water Damage and Wear

Long-term soaking or mineral deposits in the water are the two main causes of brick degradation when exposed to water. As a result, it’s crucial to take measures to avoid both of these issues. If flooding happens near your house, then attempting to reduce the water is the first step to decreasing your brick’s water damage.

The second phase takes place once the water has been channeled and no longer pools. Bricks absorb salts and minerals when repeatedly submerged in water. As they pose a threat to the brick’s integrity, they must be eliminated. Removing these salts using diluted trisodium phosphate and a gentle brush can keep the bricks from deteriorating quickly according to masonry contractors Franklin Park.

Key Points

Keeping your brick and mortar clean after tuckpointing Franklin Park service is a vital step in improving the life of your masonry surfaces. Bricks may be kept in good condition and protected from further deterioration with regular care and cleaning. Don’t hesitate to contact our tuckpointing contractors Franklin Park if you see that your brick is beginning to appear worn or if it needs masonry repair Franklin Park. If you have any tuckpointing requirements, We’d be pleased to assist you.