The terms masonry refers to creating a structure with cement mortar to hold bricks, or stones together such as or buildings. Most buildings used some form of masonry in their construction. Even non-brick or stone houses buildings often have chimneys and walkways made with masonry.
Even though masonry is very durable, it can show signs of aging or breakage and need restoration or repair. Masonry can experience wear and tear over time, or be damaged by the weather or an accident, and that’s the moment when you can call our masonry contractors Franklin Park. Besides that, we can offer our tuckpointing services!

What Is Masonry Repair?

Some of the signs that you need masonry repair work include cracked or chipped bricks, crumbling mortar, or discoloration of the bricks often due to moisture retention. When you see these signs, it is time to call G&J Masonry Franklin Park. Our professional masonry contractors will patch and plug all cracks and gaps in the mortar and remove or replace all old mortar or bricks to ensure the structural integrity of the structure. The masonry work Franklin Park we offer includes stone repairs to repair and patch all damaged stones to return them to their former glory.
Our qualified and experienced masonry contractors will match the new material perfectly to the current surrounding material to retain the original look and style.  

What Is Masonry Restoration?

Masonry restoration normally involves all the brick and stone in a building and is a much bigger project scope than masonry repair work. Repairs typically only focus on specific damaged areas, while masonry restoration Franklin Park mostly works on the whole building.
The lifespan of masonry is very long if it was constructed properly and is maintained, but even well cared for masonry comes to a point where repairs and maintenance are no longer enough. This masonry needs to be restored to improve the value, appearance, and structural integrity of the building. This is especially critical for preserving older, historical buildings for future generations.